KidzPlay Basketball

The KidzPlay Basketball League of Fullerton has proven to be a top-notch sporting league in North Orange County. The “all kids play” philosophy is one that most sporting leagues do not share. We believe that all kids should have the opportunity to participate in the game and share in the fun with their team mates. The KidzPlay basketball League is committed to teaching fundamental basketball skills while helping the kids to grow in character and integrity.

KidzPlay is a developmental basketball league for children grades K – 6 where all kids play. Practices are throughout the week and begin December 4, 2017. The season includes 8 Saturday games running through February 17, 2018. Kids at all levels are encouraged to join our league and we are always looking for moms and dads who are willing to fill one of the many volunteer positions.

Please do not wait to register your child until the last minute. This year once teams for a grade level fill up your child will be placed on the waiting list.


Registration by October 9: $100 for first player, $85 for second
Registration after October 9: $110 for first player, $95 for second