Christmas at Wilshire - Wilshire Avenue Community Church

December 17, 2017

Bible Text: Matthew 1:18-25 |


Message Notes

  • Simply Obey
  • Know His name..God with us


  • Matthew 1:18-25
  • John 16:13
  • John 17:3
  • Matthew 28:19-20

Life Group Questions

Opening Question:

What is one of your favorite Christmas memories growing up?

Digging Deeper: 

  1. We are looking again this week at Matthew 1:18-25. How do you see Joseph’s obedience in these verses?


  1. Re-read verse 23. What does “God with us”, mean to you personally?



Life Application:

  1. What are some thoughts that come to mind when you hear the word obedience? Why do you think obedience is such a struggle for us at times?


  1. Mary and Joseph believed in God and believed that God could be trusted. Do we fully believe in God and do we believe God can be trusted? What difference does it make when we fully obey vs. partially or sort of obey?



  1. How does it make you feel to know that God is with us, no matter what? Why is that so important for us in our faith?  How have you seen God “with you” in your daily life?


  1. Who are some of the people in your life who do not know God or have drifted away from God? What can you do to let them know or remind them that God cares and loves them and desires to be “with them”?

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