Rooted Messages Series - Wilshire Avenue Community Church, Fullerton

September 10, 2017


1| Be prepared to share the hope you have

1 Peter 3:15

2| Know that evil and suffering is not evidence against God

Ask yourself, would you eliminate all sources of evil  if you could?

"Supposing you hear a cry for help from a man in danger. You will probably feel two desires - one a desire to give help (due to your herd instinct), the other a desire to keep out of danger (due to the instinct for self-preservation). But you will find inside you, in addition to these two impulses, a third thing which tells you that you ought to follow the impulse to help, and suppress the impulse to run away." - C.S. Lewis

Romans 8:22-23

3| Know that Jesus suffered and enters into our suffering.

2 Peter 3:9

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