High School/ Jr. High – Student Pastor

Goal: Seeking a passionate leader who has the ability to oversee, lead, and gather both churched and unchurched High School / Jr. High school students in the community.

General Description:

The Student Pastor will be the point person for our student ministries; driving our vision for reaching junior and high school students with the gospel and helping them live out their faith.

As a member of the core leadership team of the church roughly 3/4 of this position will be devoted to student and family ministry while the remaining 1/4 will be devoted to church wide growth projects and other areas of need as assigned by the Lead Pastor.

You’re a great fit for this position if:

●     You love students and have a passion for developing student leaders.

●     You value working with a team and enjoy investing in adult volunteers.

●     You thrive in incarnational (going into the community) ministry model.

●     You are comfortable interacting with students who are not believers.

●     You enjoy teaching and want to further develop your speaking abilities.

●     You want to be a part of a healthy team together on mission.

Key responsibilities:

●     Creating exceptional environments where unchurched middle and high school students love to attend and churched students can grow in their relationship with God.

●     Spending time meeting students on their turf and building relationships in the community.

●     Leading a Sunday morning strategy for integrating students into the church as a whole in a manner that encourages Christian and non-Christian students to serve and grow.

●     Leading a separate mid-week program for junior high and senior high.

●     Planning and leading retreats and mission projects for students.

●     Building healthy, trustworthy partnerships with parents, resourcing them with tools for faith formation at home, and providing care and counsel as needed.

●     Teaching the truths of scripture in a compelling and relevant manner in a postmodern and post-Christian context.

●     Working and collaborating with other organizations, ie.) Young Life, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA, etc).

●     Serving the other staff members with humility, contributing whenever possible to a sense of team and cooperation.

Basic Skills and Qualifications:

●     College Degree

●     Minimum of 3 years of paid or volunteer experience in ministry with a record of leading events and programs for students

●     Proven ability to recruit, develop and lead adult volunteers and leaders

●     Strong speaking ability in a variety of contexts

Personal Characteristics:

●     An authentic, active walk with Christ that fuels ministry

●     A heart for the unsaved/unchurched

●     A self-starter with a high level of energy and enthusiasm

●     Ability to think big picture and strategy without losing sight of details

●     Team player demonstrating humility, and strong interpersonal skills

●     A desire to learn and grow in family ministry


Information on compensation will be discussed early in the application process.

To Apply:

Please send cover letter, resume and video or audio link of teaching to: jobs@wilshireave.com