Worship Services


We are a people that have been designed and called to lives of worship. Scripture makes it clear that we are to do so in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24). The drive of this ministry is to allow people to experience God, through the leadership of the Holy Spirit and the active Word of God.

We have seen it over and over again that there is power in the joining worship of God’s people, carrying evangelistic strength that points both those that are close and far from God straight to the Gospel. Our prayer is that people may encounter the living God through excellent and accessible music.

May we know how privileged and free we are to approach our God in this sacred act. We join the angels and saints who have been, are, and will forevermore be deeming the Holy Lamb worthy (Revelation 5).


Our pastors focus their messages on real life issues based upon truth in the Bible. We pray that we leave here on Sundays with practical strategies on how to apply our faith to our daily lives and connect with the personal hope that only God can give us.  It is our goal to preach the Gospel in real and powerful ways that encourage and challenge us to live each and every day for the Kingdom of God.